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Reviewing Articles

Conditions for reviewing the articles in the Journal of Science
and Education of North-West Russia

  1. On receiving a manuscript, the Journal’s editorial board checks the compliance of the submitted material with the requirements indicated on its site. If an article does not meet the Journal’s requirements, comments are sent to the author by e-mail, and the article is not examined until all technical flaws have been corrected.
  2. In case the article complies with all requirements of the Journal, the article is sent for reviewing to a member of the editorial board or an independent expert, usually a doctor of sciences who have publications in a given branch of science. Academic advisors of candidates for a degree and researchers of the departments in which the author works cannot be reviewers of the article.
  3. In case of positive review, the articles is approved for publication (which does not exclude an editorial adaptation), and the decision on this is brought to the author’s notice.
  4. If the review is negative, the article is rejected, and the expert opinion is communicated to the author. The editorial board does not enter into correspondence with the authors on the methods of writing and drawing up articles, and does not engage in refining articles to the required scientific and literary level. The editorial staff does not enter into substantive discussion on the articles.
  5. If the expert’s opinion is generally positive, though there is still some criticism on the content of the article, the article is sent to its author with the comments. After the refinement is made, the article is submitted for the next reviewing.


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