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Reviewing Articles

Conditions for reviewing articles 

1. All articles submitted for publication in the journal undergo mandatory one-sided blind peer review.

2. The article is registered with the date of receipt, title, full name. author (co-authors); assigned a serial number.

3. After registration, the editor-in-chief sends the article for review. The reviewer reviews the work within two weeks from the date of receipt and sends a review to the editorial office, in which:

♦ recommends an article for publication in a journal;
♦ recommends for publication after correction and revision;
♦ not recommended for publication.

In the last two cases, a copy of the review is sent to the author.

4. Reviewing of all manuscripts is carried out for the purpose of peer review, therefore, reviewers must be recognized experts in the relevant areas and have publications within the last three years.

5. In case of disagreement with the opinion of the reviewer, the author of the article has the right to submit a reasoned answer to the editors of the journal. The article can be sent for re-reviewing or for approval by the editorial board.

6. The editorial board of the publication sends reviews or a reasoned refusal to the authors of the submitted materials, and also undertakes to send copies of the review to the Ministry of Higher Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon receipt of a relevant request. After a positive decision of the editorial board, the number of the issue in which the article will be published is determined.

7. All reviews are stored in the editorial office of the journal for five years.

8. Throughout the entire process of work, correspondence with the author is carried out through the editor-in-chief, the name of the reviewer is not disclosed. The anonymity of the review is maintained until the reviewer expresses his intention to become known to the author or to contact the author directly.

9. Reviews are kept in the editorial office for at least 5 years.

10. The editors send copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon receipt of a corresponding request by the editors of the publication.


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