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Article Publication

Conditions for publications in the Journal of Science
and Education of North-West Russia

General requirements to the articles

The Journal publishes original articles which have not been published before, meet the criteria of high scientific quality, and satisfy two basic requirements:

to have elements of scientific novelty;
be focused in engineering.

Scientific directions of the Journal.

The Journal publishes articles on the following divisions of knowledge:

05.00.00 Technical sciences
08.00.00 Economic sciences
13.00.00 Pedagogical sciences

Submission of articles to the Journal means the authors’ consent for their articles to be made freely available in full version (including the personal data in them) in the Internet on the Journal’s official site and on the official site of the scientific digital library eLIBRARY.RU.

The articles shall be given in accordance with the approved requirements. In case an article does not meet these requirements, it is returned to the author on his/her e-mail address for improvement.

The articles are published in author’s edition.

All the submitted articles are checked by the Antiplagiat (anti-plagiarism) system; an original text in the article must constitute not less than 80% of its volume. In particular cases, for instance, in reviews, this limit may be exceeded in coordination with the editorial board.

The submission of an article to the Journal means the author’s confirmation that his/her article does not contain a restricted information subject to export control (according to federal laws №5485-1 FZ «On State Secrets», №149-FZ «On Information, Information Technologies and Data Protection», №183-FZ «On Export Control», and a list of information classified as state secrets approved by the Russian Federation President’s decree №151-RP «List of the Data Prohibited from Publishing») and can be made publicly available.

The originals of all materials (e.g., an act of expert commission) confirming that the article does not contain any restricted information subject to export control and classified as state secrets, shall be stored at the authors. When needed, the editorial board reserves the right to ask for the originals of these materials.

The author by himself/herself or in co-authorship may submit not more than one article to a given issue. The article is published either in the Russian or in the English language.

The author’s royalty for publication is not paid.

Financial conditions for publicationс

All articles are published free of charge.
The authors only pay for editing. And the payment for the editorial work is only made in the case if the editorial board of the Journal made a decision to publish the article, on which the editorial board informs the author by e-mail.

The following articles are freed from the payment for editing:
1. The articles by graduate students no matter what the organization they are from. An article is regarded as a graduate student’s one if he/she is its only author, and there is a stamped certificate from the graduate school confirming his/her status. If the graduate student have co-authors, such article is not regarded as a «graduate student’s article», and its editing is paid for by the co-authors.

2. The articles by the authors from the Russian Engineering Academy, on condition that these articles meet all the Journal’s requirements.

For other categories of authors, the cost of editing is established by the editorial board annually (400 rub in 2019).

Ways to pay for editing:

1. Payment made in any commercial bank.

Bank details: Recipient: Kaliningradskoe Regional’noe Otdelenie Obshcherossiyskoy Obshchestvennoy Organizacii Rossiyskaya Inzhenernaya Akademiya (Калининградское Региональное Отделение Общероссийской Общественной Организации Российская Инженерная Академия)*
* Please write the organization’s name only in this way. Any other abbreviation for the recipient’s organization is not allowed, because the money will not arrive in the organization’s account!!!

INN 3917041853
KPP 391701001,   bank account 40703810120100000149
Recipient’s bank: Otdelenie №8626 Sberbanka Rossii, Kaliningrad
BIK 042748634
Correspondent account 3010181010000000634
Payment purpose: Publishing services (name). Value Added Tax is not imposed**

**In case of another wording of the payment purpose, the money will be sent back!

2. Payments can be made via bank terminals of Sberbank of Russia using INN 3917041853.

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