ISSN 2413-9858
Научный рецензируемый электронный журнал

About the journal

The Journal of Science and Education of North-West Russia is a scientific peer-reviewed electronic edition to publish the results of scientific research.

Founder and publisher: Kaliningrad regional branch of the All-Russian public organization «Russian Engineering Academy».

The Journal is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (certificate El № FS77-63282 of 06.10.2015).

The Journal is indexed in the national bibliographic database of scientific publications Russian Science Citation Index RSCI.

Research area of the Journal:

The Journal publishes articles on the following fields of knowledge:

05.00.00 Technical sciences
08.00.00 Economic sciences
13.00.00 Pedagogical sciences

Subject headings of the journal:

01.02.00 Mechanics
05.02.00 Mechanical engineering and engineering science
05.13.00 Informatics, computer science and management
05.18.00 Technology of food products
05.22.00 Transport
05.23.00 Building and architecture
05.26.00 Safety of human activity
08.00.05 Economics and management of national economy
13.00.08. Theory and methods of professional education

Publication regularity: once every three months (March, June, September, December).

The Journal aims at creating an effective scientific collaboration and communication between Russian engineering and scientific communities, reporting about innovative and scientifically important results of studies and progressive results of their application.

The Journal’s purpose is:

– creating scientific communicative space for prompt cooperation of Russian engineers, teachers, specialists, students, and scientists;
– informing specialists and public about main promising areas of the development of the Russian scientific community;
– rendering assistance in studying current issues in science, education and best practices;
– exchange of experience in scientific research, holding scientific conferences, studying teaching methods, and in the development of basic training of scientists, teachers, and engineers.

Registration certificate of the Journal of Science and Education of North-West Russia: El № FS77-63282 of 06.10.2015.


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